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kittingHandi-Crafters runs one of the largest employment and disability focused support service programs in Southeast Pennsylvania. Each year we help over 400 individuals to access rewarding employment opportunities in the community and in our Skill Development Center. We achieve our goals through partnerships with great employers and the acquisition of work contracts with businesses who choose socially responsible outsourcing to meet their production, assembly, kitting and packaging needs. We offer a continuum of support programs which includes housing solutions and retirement options. In operation since 1961, Handi-Crafters is a trusted resource serving the needs of those who are differently-abled in Chester and surrounding Counties.

custom packaging solutionsProduction Management

We offer full-service packaging (including custom packaging solutions), repackaging and rework, kitting, and assembly services through our Skill Development Center. Equipped to handle both large and small projects, Handi-Crafters is the answer to outsourcing. We are deadline and quality driven. We are at your service, providing contract packaging, kitting, repackaging, rework, assembly service and custom solutions! LEARN MORE.

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Programs and Services

Handi-Crafters provides a continuum of services to support the needs of individuals who are differently-abled. Our programs and services present opportunities and options in the areas of meaningful employment to housing, retirement and skill development. LEARN MORE.

Investment and Giving

Every gift we receive is appreciated and Handi-Crafters is honored by the individuals, foundations, and businesses who support our vision. Your donation makes a tangible difference in the lives of people with disabilities. Help us to underwrite the extraordinary journey for extraordinary individuals! Financial gifts, unless otherwise designated, are used to directly support the individuals and our meaningful employment mission. We are a trusted resource and a registered non-profit 501 c3 entity. Financial support from our donors and champions positively impacts the growth, development and sustainability of Handi-Crafters and its future. LEARN MORE.

About Handi-Crafters

In 1961, Handi-Crafters was founded in Downingtown, Pennsylvania by a group of parents who were seeking a direction in life after high school for their differently-abled children. The committee was forward thinking and concentrated on establishing the concept around meaningful work and employment, a crucial void in the lives of their children given they would leave school without any work-related skills and seemed destined to be cut off from the opportunity of becoming employed. Thus, the vision of a supported workshop program was opened and serving Chester County.

A vision that began in 1961 remains a mission today. Our history, facility and our leadership.  LEARN MORE.