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Event Sponsors—31st Annual Hankin Invitational

We are so proud to announce that the 31st Annual Hankin Invitational raised over $220,000 for Handi-Crafters. What an amazing outing!

We are incredibly grateful to be in the company of Hankin Group and Bentley Systems to present this prestigious golf event each year….

The day would not be possible without the generosity and dedication of our champions sponsors.

This year over 80 amazing companies sponsored the event, including Titanium Sponsor: WEST Pharmaceutical. Platinum Sponsor: Pusey Electric, and Gold Sponsors: Independence Property Management, Beneficial Bank, Indian Valley Mechanical, BB&T Bank, and Pickering Valley Landscaping. 

The Hankin Invitational has raised more than $800,000 to benefit Handi-Crafters and our mission. The tournament has made a significant contribution to sustaining meaningful employment for extraordinary individuals. 

Special thanks to our Course Host and the fine staff at Whitford Country Club for providing a gorgeous day. And to our great friend, Long Drive Champion Jeff “The Critter” Crittenden for hitting long drive tee-shots all day to benefit Handi-Crafters. 

See the day in photos here.
Courtesy of: Cory Williams and

Handi-CraftersEvent Sponsors

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Hankin Group and Bentley Systems


Bentley Systems Sponsor Logo



 Titanium Level

West Pharmaceutical supports Handi-Crafters packaging solutions

Platinum Level

Pusey Electric supports Disability-Focused Employment

Gold Level

Indian Valley Mechanical sponsors Handi-Crafters event

Beneficial Bank sponsors Handi-Crafters kitting and packaging services

BB&T sponsor logo for Handi-Crafters Event

Independence Property Services sponsor logo

Pickering Valley Landscape sponsor logo

Silver Level

MacLaren Kitchen & Bath supports Hnadi-Crafters

Klover supports Handi-Crafters

Chester Valley Engineers is a proud sponsor of the Handi-Crafters event 2017

J. Caramanico & Sons is a proud supporter of Handi-Crafters and their custom packaging solutions

Main Construction supports Handi-Crafters

sponsor Handi-Crafters kitting service

Handi-Crafters assemblers 2017 Sponsor

CTDI supports Handicrafters again

EarthCare sponsor logo

DLHowell supports Handi-Crafters

EB Walsh supports Handi-Crafters

Outside Unlimited Sponsor logo for Handi-Crafters Event

M&T Bank sponsor logo

NORR Sponsor Logo

Alex Brown logo


Assemblers Sponsor

Fox Rothschild sponsors Handi-Crafters

Budget Maintenance lofo

holstein white engineers sponsor logo

Tague Lumber Handi-Crafters event sponsor

PECO Sponsor logo

Allan Myers Sponsor Logo

Fidelis Engineering Logo

Bronze Level

Fulton Bank Supports Handi-Crafters

Fulton Financial Advisors logo to sponsor Handi-Crafters

The Protection Bureau sponsors Handi-Crafters event

Meridian Sponsor Logo

Clark & Goshow Sponsor Logo

FIS Logo - Event Sponsor

UNIVEST Insurance Handi-crafters sponsor

Belfor logo - Handi-Crafters - packaging

Hanid-Crafter supporter-GF Management

Citron supports kitting services from Handi-Crafters

Geo-Technologies Associates, Inc. Sponsor logo

Kitting Services Sponsor


Hole-in-One Sponsor

Lexus CS sponsors Handi-Crafters


Halfway House Sponsor

Handi-Crafters Sponsor - Hilton