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Handi-Crafters CARNIVAL – April 22, 2016



Handi-Crafters CarnivalWhat a fantastic evening for Handi-Crafters. The Annual Spring Benefit “VINTAGE CARNIVAL” was again a success. We generated over $190K for our supported employment mission.

Thank you to ALL of our great guests and terrific sponsors.

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Click here to view all photos from the Vintage Carnival event.

BILLBOARD Level Sponsors:

  • Dallas & Di Krapf
  • Michael & Anne Moran
  • Bob & Hannah Spatola


CARNEY Level Sponsors:

  • American Small Business League–Mr. Lloyd Chapman & Ms. Jeanne Spatola
  • Argosy Capital
  • CTDI
  • DNB First
  • Hankin Group – Meridian at Eagleview
  • The Protection Bureau

AL-A-GA-ZAM Level Sponsors:

  • Analytical Graphics
  • Herr, Potts & Potts Attorneys
  • MacElree Harvey Law Firm
  • Meridian Bank
  • Mrs. Mary Ladd
  • Mrs. Karen Ladd Baker
  • UNIVEST Banking, Insurance Investments
  • Valley Forge Investment Group

SIDE SHOW Level Sponsors:

  • Citadel Federal Credit Union
  • Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP
  • Fairman Group Family Office
  • Rainer & Company
  • William J. Dixon Company


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