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Handi-Crafters is proud to announce that Hankin Group will be the recipient of the 2019 “Best Friend Award.”

2019 Best Friend Award to Hankin

The Best Friend Award is given annually by Handi-Crafters to recognize and honor service, commitment and dedication to Handi-Crafters and its mission.

“Handi-Crafters is very proud to make this special recognition each year in the spirit of being our Best Friend,” said Amy Rice, Executive Director.

We are very fortunate and honored by the support bestowed on our operations and our mission by generous donors, customers and corporations.

“This award grants us the opportunity to recognize incredible partnerships that truly go above and beyond in investing in our mission.”

Hankin Group photo

Photo Left To Right: Richard Hankin, Robert Hankin, Sam Hankin and Michael Hankin. Brian Nagle, President, Handi-Crafters Board of Directors