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Handi-Crafters E-Newsletter | September & October 2020

Be sure to check out the September/October 2020 Handi-Crafters e-newsletter! This issue includes updates on the Hankin Invitational, COVID-19 test kits and more:

34th Annual Hankin Invitational:  On October 5th, 2020 the 34th Hankin Invitational was held at Whitford Country Club. 144 golfers set out on a beautiful autumn afternoon to duke it out all in support of Handi-Crafters.

Hankin Invitational

Swab Job: Whenever there is a job that needs done, you can count on Handi-Cafters to do it right and timely. In today’s world, medical supplies are in high demand.

Commission on Civil Rights: Without section 14C of the Fair Labor Standards Act, Handi-Crafters as well as many other organizations like it, would be forced to drastically cut their work forces.

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