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Community Employment

Each year we help over 80 individuals with barriers to work access rewarding competitive employment opportunities that promote their independence and fulfill their employment goals.

Through our Community Employment Program we consult with potential employees to evaluate their aspirations and employment goals. We work on resume building, completing applications and developing interview skills. When employment is secured our Employment Specialist continues as a liaison to ensure long-term success between the employee and with the employer.

Our Employment Specialists work one-on-one with prospective employees in the areas of:

Job Development
  • Resume and cover letter preparation
  • Interview skills
  • Assistance in the job search process
  • Marketing to employers
Job Support
  • Job Coaching
  • Liaison to employers

Renee worked with Handi-Crafters to secure a job in the community, she has worked with Victory Brewing Company now for 4 years. Renee loves her job!

Specific Training is available in the following areas:
  • Reception
  • Retail
  • Food Preparation
  • Warehouse
  • Janitorial
  • Dishwashing
Join our Community Employment Partner Network…
  • No business, corporation or organization is too small or too large for our potential employees.
  • Our potential employees have developed skill sets to fill your niche, allowing you to shift your workforce for efficiency.
  • Customize those project goals with a dedicated and passionate potential employee.
  • Hiring a potential employee through our Community Employment Program provides a WOTC Tax Credit.

logo-victory-brew“It is our company philosophy to give back to the community as much as we can. Working with Handi-Crafters and employing great people just works and was not a hard decision to make.”
– Diane Desiderio
Victory Brewing Company, Restaurant General Manager

For more information about our Community Employment program:

Director of Employment & Youth Services | Christine Broome
610-384-6990 ext. 210 |

Click here and we will be happy to provide more information.