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Community Participation

Oh the places you’ll go,
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So…get on your way!
-Dr. Seuss

Our Community Participation Program enhances the opportunity for individuals to seek and enjoy the benefits of greater community involvement and greater room to grow independently within the community setting. In conjunction with Pennsylvania’s Office of Developmental Programs the goal of this program is to help individuals to: increase the potential for competitive employment, build natural supports, increase independence, experience meaningful community participation, and develop social relationships.

All people, regardless of abilities, should have access to, choice of, and an opportunity to participate in a full range of community activities. All individuals have the capacity to participate in a range of community activities when provided the opportunity and appropriate supports. Participation in this program enhances the opportunity for individuals to seek and enjoy the benefits of greater community involvement.

We promote planned activities on community excursions. Up to three individuals participate in the planned activity under the supervision of one staff person. Transportation is provided by Handi-Crafters; however, costs associated with the activities are the responsibility of the individual.

Examples of some of the planned activities:

  • Volunteering at Animal Shelters & Food Banks
  • Field Trips to Longwood Gardens & Local Farms
  • Art classes and sports league participation
  • Beauty Salon Appointments & shopping
  • Individuals participating, plan activities with the staff specialist and away we go!

READ what some of our participants are saying…

Lane said he liked going to the food bank. He liked helping people. He enjoyed learning how to pick kale at the farm!

Kristine said it was awesome going out. She felt bad for the animals, but she liked helping them. She thought the kittens were cute!

Tom said it was great. He thought it was interesting since he hadn’t done art in a long time. He thought the teacher was nice and he learned a lot. He still has his pictures at home. He looks forward to going out again.

Download the Community Participation Brochure

For more information about Community Participation Contact:
Ms. Nichole Swisher
Community Participation Specialist
610-384-6990 x212