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Skill Development Center – Employment at Handi-Crafters

rachelMost individuals who come to Handi-Crafters have had little or no work experience. At Handi-Crafters they are given the opportunity to learn and develop good work skills and habits through on-the-job training and coaching.

  • Handi-Crafters proudly employs over 300 individuals.
  • Handi-Crafters Skill Development Center performs work in the area of assembly, sorting, shrink-wrapping, gluing, drilling, collating, packaging, display making, mailings and shipping and more.
  • Handi-Crafters has established a safe and secure environment that promotes personal growth and achievement. While every member of our workforce is different, each member is encouraged to meet their vocational goals.
  • There are a total of 16 fully equipped Skill Development Workshops on campus, each workshop supports a team of approximately 15 clients per shop.
  • Every client who works at Handi-Crafters is supported by a Program Specialist and a Workshop Supervisor. Our Program Specialists are in-house Case Managers who support the progress and development of each client at Handi-Crafters. Our Workshop Supervisors work hand-in-hand with clients to coach, chart productivity and encourage growth.
  • Our customers represent small entrepreneurs and large companies and corporations—they rely on our workforce for production and distribution of their products: locally, nationally and globally.
  • Our clients travel to work on their own, by public bus, van or the family vehicle. Transportation is the responsibility of the individual attending.

For more information contact:

Vocational Evaluator | Oliver Fredericks
610-384-6990 ext. 231 |

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