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Vocational Evaluation & Rehabilitation

At Handi-Crafters, we understand that every person with a disability is different, with different strengths, barriers, needs and capabilities. Our number one goal is to help each of our clients acquire his/her highest level of vocational and economic self-sufficiency and independence through meaningful employment. To accomplish this, we follow a Person Centered Plan and process. This system has proven to bring the success that our clients seek and deserve. The process includes:

  • A comprehensive vocational evaluation process conducted by an experienced vocational evaluator who specializes in working with people with barriers to employment. Click here to learn about the Vocational Evaluation ProcessThis evaluation is crucial to identifying next steps to be considered by the individual and his/her support team.
  • When enrolled at Handi-Crafters, the client is assigned to an appropriate skills based production location where he/she can best benefit from the experience. Each client is assigned a Program Specialist and a Workshop Supervisor. This team is essential to assisting each client with meeting their goals. Click here to learn more about Employment in our Skill Development Center.
  • For those who have developed skills allowing them to enter competitive community employment, we work closely with our Employment Specialist to assure a smooth and successful transition. Click here to learn more about our Community Employment Program.
  • Goals and performance are monitored monthly and reviewed on a quarterly basis with the client and client’s support team.

andrew1“Andrew would have a very dull life if he didn’t have Handi-Crafters. Instead, five days a week, he works, meets his friends, learns how to socialize, improves his vocabulary and earns a paycheck. Bravo! Thank you Handi-Crafters!”
– Carol Robinson, Andrew’s Mom

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Vocational Evaluator | Nancy Moffa
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